Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tulum, Mexico

Spent the last six days in a magical jungle with my two best mates. And Tulum has struck my fancy in ways only tiny intimate Sardinian fishing villages have before. 

8am coffee overlooking the turquoise lazy waters, staying in our swimsuits until sunset, unbrushed salty hair for days, crisp white wine on couches in the whipping sea breeze and Mezcal drinks while buried in jungle side restaurants. Fresh seafood and fruit and salsa dancing under the stars. Midnight swims in the warm bath water and permanently bare sandy feet. If you're ever in need of a true vacation where you can get through several books while drinking coconuts on the beach, Tulum takes the cake. 

Grateful to have spent these days with my most wonderful people and for my first time in Mexico getting to know the kindness and hospitality of the Mexican people, drinking and eating and laughing and laughing and eating and drinking.