Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Digging for the Star Star Vintage 70s Jacket

Mapping and planning. Driving and digging and dusting off... weeding through piles to find that one turtleneck that begs to be worn again.  I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU EXISTED IN THIS MIDDLE OF NOWHERE JUNK BIN. Getting lost and discovering gems down old country roads. Digging. Digging again. Lots of digging. Lots of dusting. Lots of records. 

The end result: a true vintage piece that is so beautifully special it deserves to be cherished for a lifetime. And each piece I desperately want to keep for myself. I'm thoughtful about every single one... I try them on, repair and mend any holes. Think about exactly what they'd pair well with. I give them each a story. The obvious good things about vintage are quality, uniqueness etc. But the best thing about vintage is the lifetime it's lived before touching you.