Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Introducing: Unforgettable Layers

We've long been lovers of this easy nonchalant way of dressing and proudly collect (and collect and collect) in abundance lots of colors and textures of the kimono. We pile them over all of our best and can't seem to ever fill the space with enough of these lazy girl robes. Not that we're calling ourselves lazy. 


As we fall deeper in love with our pretty planet, we're making a change. Consuming less. On all fronts, with all products. Every day. Recycling what already exists (hence the vintage shop!). By no means are we doing it all perfectly or solving global warming, but a true effort is made each day to be kind and make kind decisions. 

So in our humble effort to still have our cake and eat it too, we've decided to create our dream kimonos with existing vintage fabrics. This first batch is sourced directly from India and each one is handmade by me and they are the first ever FOR LOVE OF THE MOON originals. Unforgettable layers. Just in time for the layering season. One-of-a-kind. The final touch to your tucked-in bodysuit. The bathing suit cover-ups and bedroom robes. That silky dress over a belted slip and tights for a fancy wedding. Or the duster you throw on to grab a coffee after too many grappas the night before. Hand-sewn from true vintage fabric, our new kimonos are soft, silky, and ready to be loved over and over again. 

 As we continue this collection, we aim to find locally sourced fabrics as well to mix in so our kimonos don't have to travel so far. But at the end of the day we still want beautiful clothes that we'll wear over and over and over and over... That's the whole point. Reuse, reuse, reuse! And vintage Indian fabrics seem to fit that bill nicely. 

So join us in an effort to consume less and only buy things we truly love. Things we know we'll wear the hell out of until it's barely holding on by a thread. And investing in the pieces that speak to our inner free-spirited selves. I hope you love these kimonos as much as we do.

For three days only (through Friday 9/25) we're offering 25% off with code UNFORGETTABLE. Also we have FREE SHIPPING on this collection so... what are you waiting for? 


For Love of the Moon