Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Un-packaged: Almond Pulp Breakfast Cookie

These things! These take two minutes. I've been eating them every morning with berries and a big almond milk cappuccino.  

Just mix the almond pulp, a few spoonfuls of almond butter, a few spoonfuls of honey and softened coconut oil, and a generous pour of chia seeds. You want it to be sticky enough to hold together so add more oil or honey as you go. If the consistency is too wet you can add almond meal or coconut flour. Form into little cookies and place on parchment paper in the refrigerator. Done! Allow them to chill for a few hours before eating. So much better than a pre-packaged granola bar


Everyone and their uncle is writing about this on the web so a simple google search will land you more ways to use your almond pulp than you can stomach. But these look good to me so for those that like to actually follow a measured recipe but hate to read google searches (like me) here you go: