Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Back There

We got this powerful itch around this time last year to quit our jobs, pack up our apartment, sell/donate/rid ourselves of much of our stuff... (how did we accumulate so much when we need so little?) and skip the New York City winter we loathe so much. Hell bent on visiting some spots to get a real feel for living and working on a farm we did just that. And even in the dead of winter the sweet romance of Italy's food culture dug its teeth into our hearts and pushed us to take that next step ourselves. We were already "responsible" buyers - buying local as much as possible, definitely little to no processed food, understanding the impact our food choices have on our bodies and environment. 

But that next leap to grow our own has been so cool. Now we just want more more more. More space to grow, more worms in our soil, more compost, more vegetable beds, more knowledge on how to save our tomatoes from that humidity fungus... more eggplants to make homemade baba ganoush, more sweet fruits and earthy beets, and most of all more food to share with the people we love. Food we know is not only free of harmful sprays but actually bettering our little bit of earth.  

all images via our instagram