Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lots of Easy Pieces

Inspired by one super thin, worn in and perfectly ripped old old old tee that reads something so random and uncool which we basically trade off living in, over the past few months we've decided we want more. We want lots of those tees in our drawers, that say something that means nothing, or something that feels subtle or unusual. Tees that will be worn over and over and get better with age. Tees that take you from bed to market to wine bar and back to bed again. So we've been working on gathering old tees and making it happen with our Easy Pieces collection. We love these so much often it is hard for us to part with them on the shop... 

This collection is fun and not so serious sooooo
>>>Imperfections are unintentional but not corrected<<<
>>>The tees/sweatshirts must be uber soft and worn in - we want that super comfortable feeling you just can't get when you buy something brand new - yuck!<<<
>>>We write whatever comes to mind and roll with it. We don't over think the phrases or words and we hope you won't either... we pull inspiration from songs and our own dreams and if it feels good it goes on.<<<
 >>>Easy. To us there is nothing better than the piece you can throw on and feel instantly cool and put together but like you've given it absolutely no thought. Those are the ones we go back for day after day. The ones you'll wear in until they're hanging on by a thread and pass down to the next generation of cool kids<<<

We hope you enjoy this growing bit of For Love of the Moon and continue adding one of a kind pieces to your closets! 

We've made it easy to shop our Easy Pieces here ----> enjoy!! 


For Love of the Moon