Monday, August 11, 2014


 I don't recall the particulars of how I stumbled across sisters Mira and Thilda's blog, We are 365, but I do clearly remember within one day of browsing through the entire back roll of archives... maybe twice... I became jealous in the best kind of way, deeply inspired, and plain curious - wondering if this was real?

Traveling Australia in a beat up bus... camping in the high Blue Mountains... meeting musicians and surfers along the way would have been enough captured with stale iPhone photographs. But having these adventures in a drool-worthy collection of vintage and bohemian attire and documenting with beautiful Vogue-worthy photographs is what sets these girls apart. From Sweden to Berlin to Monaco... living a life on holiday. Have a look at their blog... follow their adventures on instagram... you will not be disappointed. 



 all images via We are 365