Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Style Icon Lou Lou de la Falaise

Perhaps most famous for her role as muse to Yves St. Laurent, the beautiful Loulou de la Falaise was an accomplished designer in her own right. Her collections reflect her eclectic style and a distinct elegance that often characterizes Parisian women. From turbans to bangles and Indian scarves, she incorporates bold colors, patterns, and statement pieces, resulting in a cool and unique bohemian free-spirited vibe.  

She says of her relationship with her mentor and collaborator St. Laurent, 
“We both believe fantasy is such a vital element of fashion. We tend to think of ourselves as gypsies who have just returned with a marvelous caravan of incredible finds from the exotic reaches of the earth. But we have to make the caravan ourselves. Our Orient is our imagination.”

In a word, she was fearless. Sadly, Loulou passed away in 2011 but will certainly continue to inspire designers, artists, and funky dressers everywhere.