Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Obsessing Over It

Usually we can keep a running list of goodies we're currently lusting for in our heads. These pieces serve as more of vintage shopping inspiration than anything else, but due to change in season the list is getting too long to keep straight. Must post them here to remember... 

1. A dress in exactly this color with exactly these sleeves

2. Anything with leopard print. Whhhhat? Where is this coming from? We dunno. 

3. Lots and lots of gold accents on black

4. Some seriously stacked cuff bracelets 

5. More fringey ponchos! 

6. Beautiful headdresses

7. Thick vests that are fluffy enough to wear over sweaters instead of coats

8. Thicker crochet mini dresses to take us into winter 

9. Super embellished shoes 

10. Delicate playsuits we can wear under high waisted pants