Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Get to know: Love + Leather

We stumbled across Love + Leather on Instagram and were immediately drawn to the vibe of the brand. After browsing the shop and lookbooks we felt an aesthetic connection with For Love of the Moon - a little moody, a lot of bohemian. The brand is full of versatile statement pieces that add a hint of rock & roll to make any outfit killer. We want to wear the line with silk night slips, plaid button-ups, cut-off denim...and just about everything in between! 

Find out how a Halloween costume started it all and check out a list Renee's favorite tunes to work to. 

Of course, be sure to shop the pieces here

Where are you from and where is Love + Leather currently based? Does location impact your creative flow? I am born and raised in Florida and currently located in Orlando.  I dont believe it affects my flow at all because i pull my inspiration from everywhere. 

You have a rock & roll, bohemian influence to your pieces ("Blondie meets Pocahontas"). Where does your passion for that aesthetic stem from? Music has always been a big part of my life and music definitely influences style. ive been going to shows since i was a kid and i think that has a lot to do with my creative flow and passion. 

Do you have a style icon or muse you're inspired by when you design? 
I draw from so many influences here and there that it's hard to pinpoint just one specific icon! i pay attention to everything from what certain musicians are wearing to what is current in magazines to what people are wearing at shows and on the streets.  i look at what people wear and am inspired to create something that would rock with it!  

Your necklaces are all statement pieces (which we LOVE!). Do you personally go bold with your jewelry always? Or do you mix it up with daintier pieces too? 
I go bold! If im not wearing one of my pieces im probably asleep or in the shower. 

We love how your pieces add texture to an outfit - it feels like more than just "jewelry". How did you come up with that awesome shape of your necklaces and what drew you to add such a structured element like leather? 
Great question! it came out of nowhere. it all started with a halloween costume. i designed a necklace (Tribal Rock) to go with my Native American costume and the rest is history. i continued using the shape/structure of the Tribal Rock necklace and just incorporated other elements and materials to it to create a more rock + roll vibe but still keeping the boho/ Native American feel. 

What is your design process like? Any favorite music that gets you into the groove?
Its almost like putting together a puzzle but you dont have a box cover to look at to know the end result. i lay all my different pieces out on the floor and play around with them until it comes together.  i dont have any specific music that gets me in the groove but i do listen to my playlists on itunes and whatever is on usually does the trick. 

Describe your ideal (I could wear this everyday for the rest of my life) outfit for us. 
Skinny jeans, vintage cut up tshirt & converse...with a love + leather necklace, of course! =P (trust me, ask anyone who knows me!)

Any big adventures in the works before the summer is over? 
Not yet but i have plans to be in LA & NY in the near future! hope to see u there! 

Photographer: Rachel Sherman 

Many thanks to Renee and we sure do hope to see you in NYC soon! xo 

santigold- L.E.S. Artistes
the susans- animal
Borgore- Decisions
Dramarama- Anything Anything
Atlas Genius- Trojans (Leno remix)
Discovery- Carby
Crooks- Bloodshot Days
Jimmy Eat World- Lucky Denver Mint
Anything by the Get Up Kids!!
The Knife- Heartbeats
Metric- Gimme Sympathy