Thursday, August 1, 2013

Check it out: Ty Segall

We never went to any grungy rock and roll shows in the 90's because, well, we were children and our parents were hippies, but we imagine they were something like the Ty Segall show we saw this past winter at Webster Hall. From beginning to end the show was full of heavy guitars, moshing, stage jumps, crowd surfing, and a lot of sweaty New Yorkers in converses. We were pushed and bumped and had beer spilled on us and it was awesome. The energy in the room got you high and we left with a true feeling in our bones that the 90's are coming back (hello, captain obvious!) - not just in fashion but in a much bigger way, we hope. 

If he's coming to a city near you we highly suggest putting on your overalls and smiley face t-shirts and getting involved. They give it everything they have on stage and put on a great show. Oh, and they have a girl drummer! So rad! 

Have a listen to one of our favorite Ty Segall albums, Twins, here