Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wet Hot American Summer

We are the land of road trips and bottles of coca-cola, ice cream sandwiches and picnic tables. Our desserts might not be as sophisticated as other places, but what is more satisfying on a summer day than an ice-cold neon-colored popsicle? Ditto our cuisine, but sometimes you just can't beat a corn on the cob with a (veggie) burger on the grill. S'mores are ours and Converse high-tops, corn dogs and ray-bans and polaroids too. Put all this together and it equals a totally-worth-the-sunburn-and-sweat summer romance with all things American.

There's just something magical about an American summer, and Erin Wasson captures its carelessness and fun perfectly in this spread:

(Elle France June 2011; via Honestly WTF)