Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Get to Know Leticia of Bohemians Banquet

"Who else feels that life is like a record spinning too fast lately? 
I know time can't be stopped but sometimes i wish it could slow down a little bit." 

It's musings like this that make you want to keep reading Bohemians Banquet long after you've pored over the awesome retro editorials, snapshots of author Leticia's life, and 60's throwback images of carefree ladies in bellbottoms and bearded guys riding Harley's. Initially, the blog served as a way to share her tastes and inspirations with her readers, she now features more of her own personal style along with collections of her writing. And the gorgeous and effortlessly cool Leticia has much to offer in the style department. By channeling her icons - from Jimi Hendrix to Kate Moss - and adding her own creative flair, she creates a unique look that fuses elements of 70's rock n' roll, hippie, and wandering gypsy. She looks like the kind of girl who always shows up to the party wearing the coolest outfit, whose record collection you'd like to steal, and who you'd want to be your co-pilot on an epic road trip.

Her blog has long been one of our favorites and we were very excited when Leticia agreed to talk music and fashion with us. Read our Q&A below to see what she's reading, where she snags her killer jewelry, and a few of her favorite albums.

Oh! And she made us an amazing mixtape which you can listen to here

Where do you live? Do you find that where you live affects your style?

I live in the city which is good in a way cause i feel it´s a place that is constantly alive and hungry for different styles. It´s like a canvas full of colors and textures, creativity, weirdness and originality and that´s attractive. But i have to confess sometimes it can also be a little bit overwhelming. There are people who follow fashion trends when they don´t even like it, just because they see the clothes in the stores and it´s sad to watch those who don´t even feel comfortable with what they have on. People should experiment, play with fashion until they feel comfortable. Then, they would flirt with their personal style and stop paying attention to what others have to say about their looks.
Personally, i don´t think the place where i live affects my style cause i don´t follow those fashion trends. My style is vintage, retro, as some people would call it, “old”. I´d say it´s like a cocktail: boho meees hippie, bumps into gypsy, country and rock and roll. My eyes will fall for anything that screams any of those words.

When did you launch your blog? And how has it changed (if at all) since you started?

I launched my blog in 2009. It definitely changed a lot since then. I started posting about what inspired me when growing up, mainly music, rock bands, their muses, style icons, models, artists, movies, anything about the 60´s and 70´s and how i found these influences in the modern day, in today´s photoshoots, magazines, celebrities. At first, i wanted to let those who read my blog get inside my mind and share with them the vibe of my tastes. Then, a couple of years ago, it became a little bit more personal and i started posting pictures of MY style and started sharing my writing and bohemian musings along with the usual vintage inspiration.

What do you do when you're not blogging?

I write a lot, take pictures, visit thrift stores and hippie fairs, love decorating rooms, watch lots of movies, my favorites are those from the 70´s, listen to classics, hang out with my friends, write songs with my boy and i also do pilates. My soul talks to me all the time cause i´m constantly seeking for inspiration, pilates is what  helps me balance the body with that.

You sport some pretty seriously killer jewelry in your photos. What's your go-to shop to get jewelry?

I mostly shop jewelry in hippie fairs. There are great ones where i live. I also got some from Etsy but i guess i don´t have a specific place. I don´t really find jewelry, jewelry finds me most of the times. To me “enough” does not apply to it. I always fall in love with a new piece. I must say rings are my weakness, huge ones mainly. I just feel naked if i´m not wearing some when i leave the house.

Can't ask your favorite album, because that's such a hard and ridiculous question (you can never narrow it down to just one!) 
but what comes to mind when you think of your favorites? Those ones that you put on and never get tired of or the ones that you want as the soundtrack to your life?

Abbey Road, Exile on Main Street, Led Zeppelin I, The Doors, Rumours, Pearl, Blue, Double Fantasy, Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town, Blonde on Blonde, Bella Donna. I have too many but these would be SOME of my favorites.

What are you reading right now?

I found my copy of “The Great Gatsby” and started reading it once again and i´m also devouring Pamela Des Barres “I´m with the Band: Confessions of a Groupie” before bed these days. I just love that book.

Most perfect style icon?

I´m sorry but only one would be a crime.
Vintage? Anita Pallenberg. Marianne Faithfull. Jimi Hendrix. Keith Richards.
Now? Erin Wasson. Sienna Miller. Kate Moss.

Any place you are dying to visit?

Not really. I have a few i wanna visit of course but not dying. If it had been a decade, the 60´s but i guess that is quite impossible.

If you could hang for one night with any band or musician, who would it be?

You´re killing me here! Tough one but i´d say The Beatles. They deserve it cause they introduced me to rock n´roll when i was little.

And on that note, if you would be down, we'd be so excited if you'd list tracks from the mixed tape songs that you feel best reflect your blog.

1. It´s Only Rock N´Roll- The Rolling Stones
2. Gypsy – Fleetwood Mac
3. Roadhouse Blues- The Doors
4. Foxy Lady-  Jimi Hendrix
5. Going To California- Led Zeppelin
6. Get It While You Can- Janis Joplin
7. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times- The Beach Boys
8. Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds- The Beatles
9. Ladies of The Canyon- Joni Mitchell
10. Even Cowgirls Get The Blues- Emmylou Harris
11.Life In The Fast Lane- The Eagles
12.Like A Rolling Stone- Bob Dylan

Thanks Leticia! xx

All images via Bohemians Banquet