Monday, July 15, 2013

Forever Style Icon: Bobbie Gentry

Born in '44 in Chickasaw County, Mississippi, Bobbie Gentry shot to international stardom with her '67 hit, Ode To Billy Joe. The intriguing and mysterious song was written by Gentry herself, telling the twisted story of a southern tragedy. We've spent many a nights (after a few bottles of wine) dissecting the lyrics to solve the mystery of Billy Joe. We have several theories that can be agreed upon depending on who's at the table, but nobody knows for sure. 

Not only does Gentry have a captivating and warm voice that drags you in, she clearly (see below) had awesome style. After you're done drooling over her outfits, take a listen to Ode to Billie Joe and let us know what you think was thrown off the Tallahatchie Bridge.