Thursday, June 13, 2013

Q&A - Natalie Marie Jewellery

Natalie Marie Jewellery is a Sydney-based amazing line of jewelry designed by, yes! of course!, Natalie herself. The line launched in 2012, and we are seriously impressed by the collections that she has put out in just a year. With a focus on establishing a personal connection between creator and owner, Natalie's stunning pieces are handcrafted to ensure each piece is a truly unique creation. We have a deep appreciation for meaningful jewelry that will last forever, and these pieces definitely fit the bill. We want it all. 

We've anxiously awaited her new collection, 'Iridescence', and it does not disappoint.

"Natalie’s campaigns organically flow from her first to her latest, ‘Iridescence’, which creates an enchanting story combining the timelessness of precious metals, the luminescence of semi-precious stones and unique, delicate designs."

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Iridescence Collection

Beautiful photos by Myles Pritchard 

We caught up with Natalie to find out where she gets all of her beautiful ideas and her answers will just make you love the line even more! 

When and how did you decide you wanted to start your own line?

I went to Art school and studied jewellery and silversmithing as my major which was three years of learning and exploring materials, processes & conceptual development. In my final year I started playing around with crystals rings and the debut collection was born out of this. I started making for friends and family and there was such a positive reaction that I gradually worked my way towards creating my label. 

I think jewellery is extremely personal, especially crystal pieces, I have always wanted to embrace and strengthen that ethos which is at the heart of my label. Creating the label, for me, was really about reminding people of the value of something which is handcrafted, which is truly yours.

You have some seriously beautiful pieces in your Crystal Collection, where do you find the stones? Do the stones inspire the creation or vice versa? 

Thank you! When I started making the crystal pieces I was using crystals from my own collection -  I have always loved them and collected all sorts. Over time though I have sourced my crystals from all over the place, I’ve found incredible raw emeralds from Vietnam, Rose Quartz from South Africa, and many bits and bobs in between. I’m quite specific in selecting my crystals, they really make the piece. They have to really appeal to me to make it in to someone’s piece.

I use all raw, unpolished crystals. The nature of these stones is that they are all completely different in shape, form & colour. As a result the way the piece ends up is purely dictated by the stone. Usually I will have no idea what a piece is going to look like until it is finished. This is pretty much a summary of how I create on a whole, I let the whole thing happen organically & see how it works. Sometimes it doesn’t... but most of the time it does!

Who is your ultimate style icon?

In terms of style I’m a bit of a jeans and T shirt girl. I don’t know that I particularly have a style icon. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have style... or at least I hope not! I would describe my style I guess in the same way as I would imagine my customer’s... Laid back, classic, simple yet polished with a touch of bohemian, an element of tomboy & a little bit of rock and roll all tied up in a refined, understated & ultimately timeless package. 

There are so many different styles through my jewellery collection, a little bit of all of those elements. Ready to be played with, layered up & made your own.

What is your creative process like? Do you listen to music while you create? We'd love to know what musicians you currently find inspirational! 

I’m a bit of a funny one in the way I work. I don’t particularly design before I create - I tend to just start playing with materials and exploring that way. Making jewellery is frustrating sometimes, you can have this amazing idea (usually obscure) but then you have to make it real, in real life... in 3D... and sometimes it just doesn’t translate through to logistics and conception. Usually I will start with an idea and end up with a result which is a million miles from the starting point. I  think this organic way of working is obvious when you look at my pieces... They aren’t over engineered or designed, but have a definite trace of the process and development. 

Music is a big part of my life, and of my making process. I can tend to be a little hyper active in the studio so I tend to listen to music to tone me down a little, keep me on track. I guess my go to band would be the National. Perhaps not a conventional choice for motivational studio music but something which can always level me out and get me in the right frame of mind. Other than that I have an obscure list of artists on my working playlist, some of my favourites right now including B Dylan, Papercuts  Allah-Las, The Oh Sees, Grizzly Bear, Andrew Bird, Real Estate, so many more..!

Do you have a favorite collection or piece? 

At the moment I am a bit in love with my new ‘pyrite’ collection. It has really only come to life over the past few months. It really brings together two of the core elements of my making - Fine simple pieces and crystal pieces. Pyrite is one of my favourite stones, its crumbly texture means it can be broken down and used in the tiniest pieces to create clusters, balls & add fine detailing. I love it’s multi faceted sparkly appearance which looks different in every piece. Pyrite is known for blocking negative energy, so its a fantastic stone to wear everyday.

What is the best part about having your own line? 

I love making. I have always been a maker, even since I was a little kid. Being able to think up ideas and then bring them in to being with your own hands is quite a humbling experience. Perhaps even more so though, is sending these things out into the world to have people love them as much as I do. Seeing people wearing & enjoying my jewellery is probably the best part.

Having my label has also given me the opportunity to meet, collaborate & work with some amazingly creative individuals. I love being a part of this evolving & growing creative process.

I feel lucky to have found the thing I love to do, and to be able to fill my time doing it. I am still currently holding down a full time job as well, so I look forward to the time when I can fill my days fiddling away in my studio which happens to be my favourite place.    

We have to ask, since we're dying to get there, where is your favorite place in Australia? 

I’m still relatively new to Australia, having only lived here for 6 years. I’m originally from England and moved out here after school to study. I love England and it will always be home I think, but having not grown up here really makes me perhaps over appreciative of the ridiculous beauty of Australia. I haven’t yet found anywhere in Australia I don’t like... Maybe I have made good explorative choices so far?! I love Sydney, the city I now call home - there are so many sides to it, I am constantly surprised and impressed. Melbourne is wonderful, rich in all of the right things: arts, music, food, mystery... Byron Bay is up there at the top of my list, a hippie beach holiday town which has everything you need to escape and find some peace. The Blue Mountains are insanely beautiful & have streets full of cafe’s and vintage shops... I think I could go on all day. It’s a pretty cool place - I would recommend a visit! 

When it comes to jewelry, is more more? Or is less more? 

It’s so personal. I love that about jewellery, everyone wears it differently. What I love about this new collection is that it is all so different in style and size but it is so adaptable. I have about 10 rings that I wear every day, but my fingers never look the same. I love that you can mis match them all, layer them & change things up.  

Whether you decide for more or less I just think that the jewellery you choose to wear should mean something to you, it should say something about you and become a part of you. It should be special.

And because we can't resist showing a few of our favorites from previous collections...

Fine Collection
Crystal Collection
Pyrite Collection

A million thank you's to Natalie for taking the time to speak with us!