Thursday, June 20, 2013

Olivia of Cleopatra's Bling

Olivia is the creative and curious buyer for a boutique we've come to adore, Cleopatra's Bling. She's based in Paris (jealous!) with roots in Australia (jealous!) and fills her days buying beautiful jewels, traveling, cooking, and sharing it all on her lovely blog. Since becoming fans we've been inspired to travel to the places of her many adventures, picked up some delicious recipes to try, learned a little more about the Ayurvedic lifestyle (and adapted some tips into our routines!), and came dangerously close to buying out her Esty shop. Check out her beautiful pieces, picked up from far away places, here. Then get inspired by her lookbook and learn a little bit about the girl behind it all with our quick Q&A. 

lookbook pictures by Kevin Stramp 

It looks like you've recently been in Istanbul, a trip we are dying to take! When we finally make the adventure, what must we do?
Istanbul is magic and you can really feel the divide between the East and the West. It’s a meeting point between the two meaning you can find goodies from the Oriental world as well as more Western influenced finds. I love walking in the little streets of "Cihangir". It’s so dainty and there are lots of vintage shops- including a vintage record store that I love.

What tops your list as your favorite place you've visited?
I am absolutely in love with both Istanbul and India. I could live in these places and eat my way through their culinary brilliance and warm, fascinating cultures.

You feature a lot of recipes on your blog and they are right up our alley! What inspires your food choices? 
I really believe in healthy eating and food as medicine but at the same time, want to create recipes that are indulgent and enjoyable. You’ll never seeing me eating only raw foods, or food with no healthy fats. I really follow Ayurvedic medicine so my recipes follow mostly Ayurvedic principles. I think when you’re happy and listen to your body you can be really healthy.

Where do you find all of the amazing vintage pieces in your shop? 
My jewellers in Turkey and India all come from magical places where craftsmanship is very strong and they source one of a kind pieces that I can then add to my collections. I love giving people the opportunity to have hand-crafted wonders from far-flung places.

Do you have a particular culture/aesthetic you're drawn to? Does it change with time? 
I am very drawn to earthy tones, natural fibres, stones and rich and vibrant textiles. These elements I can find in the cultures I am naturally drawn to like India, Turkey, South East Asia and places like Afghanistan where all of these materials are used in their hand-crafted goods.

With all of your travels, shop, and blog, it seems like you're a busy lady! Do you have any peaceful tips to keep everything in balance?
I am a real nester and a home-unit. I am very busy indeed, but in the evenings I take time to cook myself a nice meal and sip on hot chai or green tea to calm myself down. I put on Indian vedic chants at home when I relax and I do as much meditation and yoga as I can. It is a challenge to find balance but it’s something I am working on more and more. It’s the key to health.

We love your line about your shop, "it's for the dreamers, lovers, and seekers". What kind of girl do you see wearing your pieces?
Girls that love travel, nature, nurturing the soul, feeding creativity and curiosity. A girl that isn’t drawn to the mainstream culture, but loves to mix and match her eclectic wardrobe with. 

Thank you so much, Olivia!! xx