Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Nick Drake!

Today we're highlighting one of our favorite singer-songwriters, Nick Drake. His magical music puts us in a dreamy, peaceful place, and has been close to us for many years now. No known live footage of Nick performing exists; he's only been captured as an adult in still frames, which adds to the mystery of his all too short career. He died of an overdose at the young age of 26. Many sources say he suffered from depression that can be heard in his heavy lyrics and melancholy sounds. Although all his songs are moody, they aren't all sad. His ability to put beautiful poetry to sound and create a moving listening experience ensure his albums always top our list of favorites. 

 We're sharing Nick's debut album (our very favorite), Five Leaves Left, with you today to celebrate. If you haven't heard it yet you're in for a treat. And also below is one of his most celebrated songs, Pink Moon. Hope you find him as inspirational as we do.