Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Brooklyn Spots We Love - Brooklyn Charm

There are so many awesome places in our neighborhood that it's hard to highlight only a few, so we're going to make this a regular thing. We'll let you in on some of our all time favorite spots in the Williamsburg/Greenpoint hood. If you haven't been to them, we hope you'll check them out!

Today, we're stoked to share one of the coolest things we've found, not just in Brooklyn, but anywhere. We have always been a huge fan of charms...one of the most important pieces we own is our grandmother's charm necklace. She traveled all over the world, (mostly Mexico, the Southwest, and Italy), collecting little mementos along the way that she made into a precious necklace. Best part about it is it jingles and jangles when we walk, making the sound we grew up with and loved because it meant she was around.

..which is why we're super excited about Brooklyn Charm! It lets you create a unique and stylish piece (that maybe you can pass on!) You can pick up hand-made accessories or create a custom-made piece from the myriad of charms in all sizes, colors, and styles that they offer. Honestly there is something for everyone. We could spend hours in here, and always check in to get Christmas and birthday presents (and usually end up getting something for ourselves). Last time, we picked up a cute little moon (...of course) and wear it everyday. If you live in New York, you should definitely check out this gem of a spot. It's on Bedford and N. 9th off the L. And if you don't live around here, that's ok..you can't shop online here.

Choose your chain: 

Then choose your charm:

And end up with something rad, like this:

I Love my Bike Charm - $15

Or this:

Night Bird Necklace - $24

Check it out! You'll be so happy you did. xx to Brooklyn Charm