Monday, May 6, 2013

Get to Know: Lux Divine Jewelry

We recently discovered Lux Divine Jewelry and, well, we are in love. The pieces are right up our alley...stunning bright stones hanging from delicate gold chains; moon, star, and feather charms; bold, eye-catching rings; and turquoise galore. Jessica and Ron, the team behind the designs and creation of the jewelry, take care to make their pieces with the environment in mind. She lets the moon guide her and she designs for a free-spirited, naturalist, carefree girl in mind...need we say more? We can't get enough of their collection, and we're sure you'll want to snag a piece (or two, or three) for yourself. We asked them a few questions, and their answers just made us love them even more. Find out what her go-to-piece is and which stone she feels has a strong healing power.

What led you to start designing and creating jewelry?
This is a tough one...mostly because Ive been asked this so many times in my life and can never really provide a substantialanswer. I was just born to create! Ive been crafting/making for as long as I can remember. When I was in high school, I would upcycle all my clothing since I couldn't find anything that was my style at the time. I was a little different to say the least! Ha... I knew jewelry making was more my speed when I would design/create pieces in class and sold them just as fast as I could make them...I knew I had something there. 

Do you have any early mentors or fashion inspirations that you credit with influencing your aesthetic?
Easy question! Only one mom!...If you could meet her, you would understand why. Shes the hottest little boho mama!Growing up, my mother was a professional photographer and interior I had lots of creativity around me. She has the best style of anyone I know! I'm always joking that I have no style, I just steal my mom's:)

Who is the Lux Divine girl?
I would guess I would envision the Lux Divine "girl" to be a lot like myself. Free-spirited, independent, confident, carefree~ a wanderer, non-conformist, artist, lover, naturalist, etc. Above all else, she marches to the beat of her own drum and is confident in her own skin. The LD girl doesn't bother herself with what others think of her, her own opinion is all that matters. The Lux Divine girlis beautiful both inside and out<3

Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?
We have so many different designs/items in our shop its hard to choose. My go to piece for just about every outfit is our Moons of Pluto Necklace. You can't go wrong with Druzies! Ever!!!

Where do you look for inspiration: music, travel, art, the outdoors?
Usually, I let the moon guide me. I try to never pressure myself to create/design new items. The process is too sacred to me for that. I just let the inspiration come to me... and when it does, its magic! The times I try to make myself be creative, it never works out. Usually around a New Moon is when I am the most inspired. Full moon...forget about it! I love bouncing ideas off of my husband (Lux Divine's business manager) ~ he always has great ideas too. We like to work as a team for the most part.

Silver or gold?
~GOLD~~~ Always...Im pretty sure anyone that took one look at my shop could figure out my obsession with Gold. I believe it looks good on anyone, silver...not so much.

Any stone or gem that you feel has the best energy?
~Turquoise is one of my favorites. It has such a strong healing, purification and negative cleansing are its strongest healing properties. I usually wear a piece of jewelry with turquoise in it everyday!

You can find these lovely pieces and many more at

Many thanks to Jessica and Ron for taking the time out of their busy, awesome, jewelry-making day to answer our questions !