Wednesday, April 10, 2013

St. John

Last year about this time we took a quick little mini vacation down to St John - one of the beautiful US Virgin Islands. Two-thirds of St John is a pristine national park which makes it a very quiet and peaceful getaway from civilization. There are strict building regulations on the island so you won't find the super touristy hotels and shops as you do on St. Thomas. 

We stayed in cozy eco-tents perched up in the trees - it honestly feels like you're vacationing in tree houses! It's amazing and we HIGHLY recommend. The tents are solar powered and the water is warmed naturally by the intense sun.We spent lazy days on an isolated beach we had all to ourselves, long dinners with tropical drinks, sail boating to snorkel beautiful reefs, picnics on the sand, and a gigantic sky full of stars to watch until we fell asleep. 

We're going back for round two a week from today and I couldn't be more excited. My other half of For Love of the Moon is staying back this time to keep it cool in Brooklyn, so I'll be enjoying enough relaxation for the both of us. Since living in New York, vacations like this are particularly wonderful for me because I truly appreciate the beauty of quietness. A week away from the drunk girl screaming "WAHOOS" at 4am (on a Tuesday) outside my window makes it so much sweeter. 

 1. I don't think I'll take my denim cut-offs off the entire week!
2. Sneakers are crucial - many of the beaches are a bit of a walk down rocky trails so flip flops won't do.
3. I bring a kimono everywhere anyways, but it's great for this vacation because I can wear it over my swimsuit or a dress for a casual dinner. Everything is super casual on the island.
4. An oversized (of course!) sweater for chilly nights.
5. Mix-and-matched swimsuit that will stay put with all my snorkel gear.
6. A floppy hat once I've reached my maximum spring glow.
7. An oversized pair of glasses that look cool with a tan.

Here are some pictures getting me in the mood and of course, a playlist that I've had on repeat for the past month while I think up exactly what I'm going to pack...

And here are a quick few pictures of last year's trip!